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We combine the luxury of restaurants with the convenience of trendy retail stores in our commercial spaces, bringing together the best of both worlds for tenants and visitors.

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We offer an exclusive community of administrative offices. Our dynamic form of offices provides convenience and functionality to all employees.

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We offer our visitors and tenants the highest quality medical services in the new capital. Our architecture designs offer our patients the privacy of their own entrances and elevators to...

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Serviced Apartments

We pride ourselves on providing people with a real sense of home with a wide range of hotel-like services and amenities.

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Commercial units are built for all business preferences, set amongst an aesthetically pleasing complex with an array of amenities and facilities unique to each unit.

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Gems New Zayed

Located in New Zayed, GEMS is the latest community-oriented residential compound that offers a lifestyle that balances modern architectural luxury with nature’s elegance.

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As long as we’re interested to keep the positive impacts from our valued clients, we’re
keeping our promise to save for them the highest category of the living & working
communities we develop and enter.
Achieving and building the highest standards of quality for our clients is a must, therefore we
are willing to keep partnering with the best possible calibres of the tenants & affiliates to
assure reaching the elegance and sophistication benchmarks.

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